Welcome to the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice's Humanitarian Works activities around the globe and to the United Nations.

Since its role during the Crusades in the Holy Land, the Orders of Chivalry were founded as the Military Order of Mercy and Justice as well as supporting the Sick, the Poor, and the Needy.

In recent years, the expansions of the Order and its humanitarian activities have taken a new direction. Aid to the poor and the sick have nowadays been added to the Order's pursuit of supporting schools in poor countries, and helping children and the elderly people in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The Order is involved in various humanitarian programs through its local organizations that assist children aid, homeless people, elderly, educational aid, school support, orphans aid, etz. in many countries worldwide.

Priories and Commanderies from all over the world are holding funds raisings and charity events to help the Sick, the Poor, and the Needy.

Our goal: Support your local people since they are part of your environment and daily life.